Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How does Oz help my job as an Organizer?

Oz is designed to make key your daily processes more efficient, more effective and to reduce effort for organizers giving you more time and reducing your costs. So for example need to search a date, one click! You need to create a contract, one click. Sales report, one click! View a contract stored online, one click. Get the picture? Oz will help you manage efficiently your entire event booking business.

How much does Oz cost?

There is no nickel and diming it’s one cost. $125 per user with discounts as your user base grows.

Are there fees or add-ons? If so, what is not included in the base price?

Oz is a complete event booking, entertainment agency management, venue management, catering management application, it’s one price for all, so that means everything is included.

How quickly can you get services up and running?

Oz services are very fast to implement. We can have installations live within 24 hours.

Can I get a trial of the platform?

We offer a refundable trial for two months. This means after two months if your not completely satisfied, we will refund your money.

Can I cancel at any time?

Managing an event business, a wedding venue, a performance center, a concert venue or a rental house is stressful enough, with Oz Application we want to earn your trust every month. There are no long term contracts with Oz.

Accessing Oz

Can I add multiple users?

Oz application is ideally suited for large offices where multiple employees need different information from the same event. Also since Oz is a month to month subscription your staff can be elastic as you ramp up for the season or slow down for the off season.

Can we access the system at any time?

So you’re at an event and you need the balance the client owes you, what to do? Open your phone browser and log into Oz. It’s really that simple.

Does Oz offer a mobile app?

Oz is browser based so you will have the same experience from the computer and the phone. This also means the full functionality is available from your phone. There is also only just one interface to learn. So if your office was a beach somewhere you could technically manage your entire event booking company from your phone.

Data Storage

Can data be migrated from my current program?

Have you outgrown your booking application? We just need your information in spreadsheet format and we will do the rest. Often we can have you running in an hour.

What are my data transfer options?
Our service includes helping you transfer your data. We will make it painless so when you first log in, you can get to work booking events.

Where is the data stored?

Your data is in Oz hosted in the amazon cloud. Your data is downloadable 24-7.

Is my data safe in the cloud?
Yes – absolutely. We use AWS. Google it!

Is there a backup to the system in case of failure?
Of course! We have multiple backups in place to ensure redundancy, and you can also click EXPORT at any time to have a file e-mailed to you with all of your data in a spreadsheet.

Can it be run offline locally if there is an Internet issue?
Just like your online banking and other web-based services, Oz is web-based. To date, there has never been any unscheduled downtime.

Okay, but what if the creator, (I’m not going to say Wizard of) OZ® dies?
It’s cool. We have contingencies in place. The servers keep running and your data stays safe!

What happens to my data if I choose to leave Oz?

We hold for 30-90 days should you want to come back or we delete immediately should you request.

Using Oz

Can I have multiple day events?

Yes! With Oz, you can have multiple day bookings in one event. If you’re booking a concert series this comes in handy. If you’re booking a 3-day corporate event this comes in handy.

Can I use Oz to book rooms in my venue?

Yes! Oz will allow you to manage your entire venue. If your a Performing Arts Center then Oz can manage your stage or stages. If your a catering hall Oz can manage your banquet rooms.

Can I use Oz to track inventory?


Can Oz communicate with Google Calendar?

Yes! With Oz, you can share your bookings schedule with Google Calendar. This makes Oz easily accessible to those who might just need to see data but not be able to edit the data.

Is it possible to integrate Oz with other apps?

Yes. Oz is integrated with Quickbooks Online Version, Google Calendar, Google Documents as well “ALL” email programs.

Can we create our own detailed reports with Oz?

This is where the fun begins. Once your data is in Oz you start out with about 25 predefined reports then can create your own customized saved reports. Most importantly if Oz does not do it then we will create a customized report free of charge just for you.

Does Oz accept online inquiries?

Yes. We provide you with HTML code that you can embed into your web page then when someone is looking to book you for an event, band, good/service or venue when they fill out the form it will be stored immediately into your Oz.

Am I limited to sending a certain number of emails? Will I have to pay extra to send additional emails over my plan?

Unlimited. No additional cost.

How can I create multiple dates for the same event (recurrences)?

Oz treats your event like a folder and inside your folder you can have an unlimited number of events. A handy Duplicate Button allows you to duplicate your bookings. In any case adding a booking is literally one click.

We don’t have any internal IT resources or hardware. Is that okay?

That’s fine, Oz is a solution that is Cloud based and therefore you do not require any hardware, software or any technical resources to use our services as we provide full hosting and support.

How does Oz address user permissions within the various tools?

Oz has a User table where you can assign various permissions. For example your bookings are your business. You can assign different permissions so some people can approve the booking, some can or can’t delete or edit your bookings. You will have 100% control of your events and your bookings.

Who can use Oz software and how many users can access the system simultaneously


Customer Service

What if I need help?

We offer phone and email support with a live person during business hours and any call or email you deem important after hours we will respond if not immediately then shortly after.

How do you deal with customer feedback about the product?

We exist for our customer and don’t exist without our customers. Our customers are our most valuable asset. We generally reply immediately and implement all suggestions as long as the suggestions positively affect the entire user base.

Does your company offer user-training so my team and I can get the most out of the platform? If so, does this cost extra?

We offer unlimited training via screen share. We offer video for those who prefer to go it alone and offer pre-arranged site visits for the cost of our travel and lodging.

How much training is included?