Oz is, at its heart, a method of running your Event business. Oz designed for maximum efficiency and productivity for those booking or managing events. Oz has then been condensed into a cloud application allowing its users to benefit from the tried and true processes. Oz segments your event company or booking business into its individual components such as sales, task management, phone book, jobs, etc… then tightly integrates each component. Most questions you can think of are but a click or two away.

Oz in effect becomes part of your stream of consciousness allowing you to work more fluidly. Oz can then be considered a virtual smart office that is accessible 24/7 from any device you choose!


  • Top Level Management Of All Users.
  • Assignable security roles for individual users.

Task Manager

  • Focus Tasks allows users to be one click away from any component.
  • Assign Tasks To any User.
  • Create Internal Conversations on any task.


  • The contacts section relates your event contacts to every other component of Oz so on your initial view, you can easily see what event invoices, Events, Inquiries and tasks are associated with each individual contact.
  • Send focused emails to groups of your contacts.
  • Organize and Report on your contacts in an almost unlimited scenarios.

Prospects / Leads / Inquiries

  • Easily upload or input your leads.
  • Easily manage leads.

Events / Bookings

  • Easily relate all of your data into your Events and bookings allowing you from one view to see all related data pertinent to any individual job, from booking to payments.

Google App® Integration

  • Tightly integrated with Google’s online apps so you never have to leave Oz.

Calendar / Smart Phone

  • Whatever you sell or schedule can easily be pushed to Google Calendar which then can be synced with any smart phone.

Products / Services

  • So much more than a list but a management system of your entire delivery points. Once your data is in, you can report or filter for almost any scenario allowing you to target market to specific venues.


  • Create, Manage & Sync invoice with QuickBooks. Invoice being the starting point of your transactions.

Banquet Event Orders

  • Create and manage all of your banquet event orders including details for Audio Visual, Food & Beverage, Business Service, Set-up and more. Banquet Event Orders are email-able PDF attachments.


  • Receive payments to invoices, make electronic payments to vendors.


  • Push your invoices, customers, payments received and payments made to QuickBooks with one click.

Merchant Account

  • Accept payments from customers with one click.

Contract Creation

  • With a few clicks, you can create customizable contracts and send to your customers via email PDF attachment.

Document Management

  • Store all files related to your jobs electronically making you a paperless office.


  • Report on your data with a few clicks allowing you to answer most questions in 2-3 clicks.
  • Imagine with one click finding out how many events, concerts or rentals you have coming up for the next week, month, quarter or any timeframe you select.

Activity Log

  • Monitor who logged in and who did what and when.

Learning Oz

  • Oz is so intuitive it takes but an hour to master. Online videos are avail for each component and individual training avail upon request.


  • Unlimited telephone support 9am-9pm EST.

Platform Agnostic

  • Oz works on Mac & Windows
  • Oz works on iPhone, Android, Windows Phones
  • Oz works on all tablets

Cloud Based

  • You have no IT to manage.
  • Deploy a new user in minutes.
  • Work from any location instantly.

Publish Data Online

  • Allow your customers or vendors to interact with your data.

Getting Your Data Into Oz

  • Import all your data in seconds into Oz so you can get to work, or rather have Oz get to work for you!